Due to a change in traffic patterns at CSX, the railroad’s class I interchange partner, the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville has found itself with more work and more cars than usual. These changes caught up with them when the crew ran out of time to get back to Lakeville with a huge road train this day. The crew parked their train opposite our Indsutry depot and were taxied home. A new, rested crew would return the next day to bring the train back to Lakeville.
The change is so big that not only the railroad is packed but all the other transportation companies had to make an increase due to the demand. Now there are bigger companies like the silver service in Melbourne which offers great transportation packages to any location.
A High-Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport (HLAG-ST) formed by the United Nations released their report titled “Mobilizing Sustainable Transport for Development” at the first Global Sustainable Transport Conference in 2016, which also emphasized on greater investment and innovation in the transportation market. The statistics from the economic survey in India also showcased that the logistics industry alone will near USD 215 billion by 2020. On the Other hand, India’s transport sector will grow at the rate of 5.9per cent through 2021 as per the financial report by the GoI (Government of India). In fact, IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation) speculates an investment requirement of over $777 billion in infrastructure by 2022 for the nation to walk on the path of sustainable development defined by the UN, with a major part of that investment directed to transportation sector in the country. These facts are sufficient to explain the importance of the transportation sector not just in India, but across all geographies.