Updated Oct. 6 morning: $9800 raised!
(Note: The caboose pictured is NOT the one we are trying to save)

Our museum has been presented with the opportunity to acquire a Lehigh Valley “northeastern” style steel caboose! Since the LV served Rochester, and this caboose has specific ties to the area, we feel it will make a great addition to our operating collection. It is our goal to restore the caboose to operation, and pair it with our RS-3m LV 211! The caboose is in very good structural condition inside and out, making it an excellent restoration candidate.

This opportunity was presented to us earlier this week, and we have half of the money needed to purchase and move this historic caboose to our museum in Industry. We have three days to raise $5000 to purchase this caboose and move it to our museum… or else it will be lost forever. That is 50 people each donating $100, or 20 people each donating $250, or 10 people each donating $500. Any level of support will help us meet our goal, but time is running out! Use the PayPal button below to make your donation instantly! The R&GVRRM is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational group, so your donations are tax-deductable to the fullest extent allowed by law.

LV 95110 at Sayre, Pa., in March, 1976. Photo by John Dziobko, Jr.

It is our goal to restore this caboose to full operation on our museum railroad where everyone will be able to enjoy it! Please help us save this important part of Rochester’s railroading history! Use this link to PayPal below to donate today!