For this post, we pull another edition of ALCO-GE News from the archives.   This time we look at the November 1952 edition that highlights their classroom on wheels, the ALCO-GE Instruction Car.    This movable classroom allowed them to bring instruction right to the roundhouse or backshop.  

With space to train forty people at a time, the car could accommodate one hundred and twenty students per day over three shifts.    Courses in operation, terminal maintenance and heavy maintenance were offered.   The air conditioned car had separate classrooms for electrical and mechanical training.  It included cutaway and working models of major locomotive components including the diesel engine, turbosupercharger, control stand, governor, bearings, and more.   The R&GVRRM has two cutaway diesels on display at the New York Museum of Transportation including an ALCO 244 and an EMD 567.
This is a very neat car.   Does anyone have any info about its usage and disposition?   Please contact us or make a post on our Wall on our R&GVRRM Facebook page.  Thanks and look for more issues of ALCO-GE News coming in the future.