This Saturday saw work on several projects around the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum. With the new batteries in place, GE 80-tonner EK 6 received some routine maintenance including a checkout and cleaning of the electrical gear including the main generator on the working prime mover. The unit also started to get some more cosmetic attention. Elsewhere, museum volunteers were kept busy digging ditches, mowing grass, and helping keep our museum railroad in top operating condition through our 2004 season.

Museum volunteer, Ryan Kane, uses an angle grinder with a wire brush to clean up areas of rust on the grab irons of EK#6 prior to priming by museum volunteer, Jessica Stallone.

While Ryan continues his work, we can see the three recently repainted bumpers on Tracks 3, 4 and 5 in the museum’s Industry yard.

Drainage is always something we need to continually work on due to our multi-level property. Another group of volunteers was working on some ditching along Track 5. While hard work, it is easiest done by hand, although I am not sure if they would agree with the easy part. But we greatly appreciate their efforts and hard work! Museum volunteers Mike Roqué, Jessica Stallone, Joe Werner and Randy Bogucki dig dirt for a new drainage ditch. The spoils of their work was loaded on to the two track carts and taken up the line where it was used as fill.

Joe (left) and Randy (right) nearly have both carts filled and ready to go for a trip up the line for dumping.

Although it was not needed on this day, the museum’s BS-2 (“Ballast Sifter 2”), sits awaiting reloading on to the track carts and its next assignment. Since the R&GVRRM and the NYMT mainline has a fair amount of recovered ballast from old road beds which has some dirt in it, this device was engineered and built by museum volunteer, Randy Bogucki, to allow us to sift the dirty ballast and recover the good stone for re-use.

Finally the Rochester weather has sent us a more than reasonable share of rain this year so the grass is growing and growing and growing. Everyone pitches in! Rochester Chapter President Jeremy Tuke addresses some of the lawn cutting with one of the museums string trimmer/mowers.