This Saturday proved to be a very busy day at the museum. A variety of projects were underway. First, our Rochester, Lockport & Buffalo interurban waiting room took a trip from its resting place for several years in our Industry yard to our parking lot where it will be receiving a new roof. When we acquired this small building, one of our members, George Knab, built a custom steel frame for it and mounted the building on the frame. With a two-wheeled axle added to one end, the building basically has its own built in trailer.

The RL&B waiting room enters the parking lot of the R&GV Railroad Museum with our Trojan loader providing the motive power.

A better look at the building and the axle end of the trailer.

The RL&B is positioned next to our NYC crossing shanty which is also getting attention. The crossing shanty has already received new structural skirting, new primer and a new roof. Eventually we hope to place these buildings in proper locations along our demonstration railroad.

Next, a few of our Young Railfans were out helping us on this day. The project at hand was the prep and painting of one of our bumpers which we recently reinstalled in our Industry yard. At the same time, one of our track car trailers was also getting some new paint. Under the supervision of Dale Hartnett, our Young Railfans work to prep our newly installed track bumper on Track #3 in the Industry yard.

While two of our other Young Railfans headed off to other projects, one of them stayed behind to paint the bumper. He did a really great job of painting it!

Dale Hartnett paints one of our passenger trailer cars.

Finally some of our other railroad equipment was also getting some attention. Our Fairmont tie extractor was getting some repairs while the battery box on Eastman Kodak Company #6 was outfitted with new wood and its new batteries. Norm Shaddick tends to our Fairmont tie extractor which was also having some hydraulic valve work done.

Success! New paint, new wood, and new batteries leave just the hook up of the batteries by our electrical department, which they may have accomplished Saturday afternoon. What a difference.