Heading Out – One of the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum’s Army 5-ton dump trucks heads out of the Big Dig excavation site to dump a full load of dirt south of the restoration building.

Backing Up – With so many machines working, it is critical to have people on the ground guiding the equipment to the right spots. Spotter Dale Hartnett helps guide one of the museum’s Army dump trucks into position to dump its load of dirt.

Finally in the Dirt – After having its tracks and exhaust system repaired, the museum’s Bucyrus-Erie 20-H hydraulic excavator finally gets to dig some dirt and load some trucks.

A Blade Full – The museum’s 1968 Cat D7E bulldozer has a full blade of dirt as it works to prepare the site for the next pass of the museum’s Cat tractor pan.

A Close Eye – Master mechanic Art Mummery keeps a watchful eye as the museum’s Cat D7E passes to insure everything is running as it should.

Loaded Up – The Cat tractor pan with the Cat D8 tractor in the lead has a full load of dirt and is ready to head to dump its load.

Moving Out – The Cat tractor pan heads outs with a full load of dirt with the north end of the restoration building in view.

Kicking Up Dust – Returning, that Cat tractor pan really kicks up the dust as it heads for its next load.

Up They Go – The museum’s White dump truck lifts it dump body in the air to drop its load on the fill area.