As we continue in our mission to acquire, restore, and display historical examples of railroad equipment, we must expand our storage capacity and improve access to our restoration shop. In order for the tracks to reach the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum’s restoration shop, several thousand cubic yards of dirt must be moved from the north end of the shop and placed on a fill to the south of the building. Over this weekend, our “Big Dig” was begun using a hydraulic excavator that was loaned to the museum for the weekend and other equipment from the R&GVRRM’s historical construction equipment collection including our Cat D-8 tractor and tractor pan. Take a look at some of the progress made during this weekend.

Saturday morning loading out.

Monday evening… Lots of dirt moved!

Taking its first bite! Our Cat D-8 and its Cat tractor pan takes it first bite of earth on top of the fill. This was the first time the pan had been used and many of our guys said the first time they had seen one of these in use since the mid-60’s. Operating a little piece of construction history.

Loading out…

Cat D-8 operator John McDonald pauses as he passes the restoration building on his was to spread his load of dirt.

And loading out again….

Museum volunteer, Scott Gleason, handles the excavator with ease.

Waiting for the truck… Early Saturday morning, the excavator waits to load it first dump truck.

Before the Big Dig… Saturday morning.

After the Big Dig, Week 1… Monday evening. Progress – Note how you can now see the Bay City 65 dragline on top of the hill. We hope to also use the 65 as part of the excavation.