Progress has continued in earnest on the ballasting, leveling, and tamping of the new siding west of the Livonia, Avon & Lakeville.   During the museum’s Tuesday work session, the north end of the siding was being ballasted and tamped using the museum’s ex-Kodak Park Railroad Jackson tamper.   Over 200 tons of stone has been used so far with more needed as there is more work to do toward the middle of the siding.

Here is a new YouTube video of the museum’s tamper in action on the siding.

Additionally, here is an album of photos on the R&GVRRM’s Flickr site of the work.

The progress made has been in part supported through generous donations to our Donate-A-Ton fundraiser.  To date, 70 of the 300 tons needed has been donated while the museum has already purchased 200 of the 300 tons to allow the progress to continue to be made.   The museum needs to complete the work by late summer 2010, and we could use your help to Donate-A-Ton.   Just $20.00 buys the museum a ton of stone.    For more information or to donate, please check out the Support page on our website.