What a difference a week makes.   On Tuesday evening, June 8th, we find the latest extension to the R&GVRRM’s new siding west of the LA&L has been gauged, spiked and ballast piled on the recently built portion of the siding in preparation for leveling and tamping.    One week prior, the ties were just being spread out so really great progress was made in just one week.

Spiked, ballasted, and ready to be leveled and tamped.
Looking from the south(left) and then from the north(right) of the new track.
Dale Hartnett works to help find the proper level for the siding as the ballasting, leveling, and tamping starts.
Nice progress!
With all of this progress, the R&GVRRM still needs help to raise the funds needed to purchase more ballast to keep the progress moving forward as the entire siding built to date will now be ballasted, leveled, and tamped.    So far, we have had 30 tons of stone donated.   Would you please help us by donating the next ton or tons of ballast?   Just $20 buys a ton of stone!    More information on donating can be found here.