After being saved from the scrap yard in October 2011 by the R&GVRRM and moved into the museum’s shop in January 2012, the museum has been very busy working on the restoration of ex-Lehigh Valley Railroad caboose #95100.    The project has now reached the phase where we are beginning to put the car back together; starting with the exterior.   Part of this work is to install new lower steel side sheets on both sides of the car as the steel that was on there had badly corroded and was removed over the past few months.

LV #95100 in the R&GVRRM’s Restoration Shop with its lower side sheets removed.  04.27.2013

To remove the sheets, we had to cut and remove nearly 250 rivets.

Volunteer, Rob Burz, cuts the rivets away from the side of LV#95100 to allow the lower portion of the side sheets to be cut and removed.  

Along with welding portions of the new sheets, we are going to need to acquire and reinstall those rivets.

This is where we hope you will help us and Adopt-A-Rivet!    $10 buys one rivet and we need to raise the funds for the equivalent of 250 rivets to allow us to purchase all of the materials needed for the job.  Would you please help us turn our Rivet Counter Cornell red by donating and adopting a rivet or rivets today?    Please click on the link below to donate online using PayPal.   Do not wish to use PayPal and prefer to send a check?   Perfect!   Please send your check made out to the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum to:

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Donations to the Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.  
Thank you very much for your support.   We are actively working on the #95100 now so your donation will have an immediate impact.  

UPDATE 06.26.2013 – The east side has all of its new steel side sheets welded in.   Now we just have to fasten the bottom and that is where your donation comes in and makes an immediate impact!

UPDATE 06.26.2013 – A wider view of all of the new east side steel welded in place.