Donate: Roof Panels for Rochester Subway Car 60

Rochester Subway Car 60
Become a Partners in Panels! Donate to Car 60 Originally built in 1916 for Utica Railways, Rochester Subway Car 60 ran in the Rochester Subway from 1938 until the end of service in 1956. As the sole survivor of the Subway fleet, our goal is to complete a cosmetic restoration so that visitors can once again enjoy and learn from this important artifact of local history. The c...
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Donate: Lehigh Valley Caboose 95100

Lehigh Valley 95100
Donate to LV 95100 Built by the Lehigh Valley railroad inĀ  in February 1941, caboose no. 95100 was one of 105 "Northeastern" style steel-bodied cabooses built by the railroad between 1937-46. This car is a significant addition to our collection, as the LV served the city of Rochester with a branch line that terminated at Court Street (now home to well-known Dinosaur BBQ rest...
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