Erie Railroad Rochester Division: Chapter One

Rochester Erie Canal
By Ted Jackson The city of Rochester, New York, sits astride the Genesee River, with the mighty High Falls providing a dramatic punctuation to the downtown landscape. Drawn to the abundant natural power of the falls, a grist mill and a saw mill were constructed there as early as 1789. However, the location was so isolated in the wilderness, there was little demand for th...
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Erie Railroad Rochester Division: Chapter Two

By Ted Jackson The powerful canal lobby blocked any serious competition from railroads for a number of years, and because of this, the New York & Erie Railroad was established along the Southern Tier of New York State with its western terminal at Dunkirk on Lake Erie. While Dunkirk was an adequate Great Lakes port, it was nowhere near the size of Buffalo. One could well ...
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Erie Railroad Rochester Division: Chapter Three

Erie Railroad, Avon, NY, 1910
By Ted Jackson It took nearly four years to complete the Buffalo, Corning & New York Railroad from Corning to Batavia. Construction began in 1850, reached the Steuben-Livingston County line two years later, Caledonia in 1853, and Batavia in 1854. Grading continued towards Buffalo but no track was ever put down. This was due to the precarious financial condition of th...
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Erie Railroad Rochester Division: Chapter Four

By Ted Jackson The Bath & Hammondsport Railroad As the name would imply, this nine-mile railroad ran between Hammondsport, at the head of Keuka Lake, and Bath where it connected with the Erie Railroad. In the case of this little railroad, the B&H began its life as an independent entity, was briefly absorbed into the Erie and later regained its independence. Interes...
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