Wellsville, Addison, and Galeton #X-3710

Our snow plow was built by Russell in 1921 for the Boston & Maine railroad. In 1960, it was sold to the Wellsville, Addison & Galeton, a shortline comprised of former B&O branchlines in New York and Pennsylvania. After the WAG shut down in 1979, snow plow X-3710 was sold to a private individual who repainted it into a version of B&M decoration. The plow was purchased in 1997 and donated to the R&GV in 1999.

After careful evaluation, a slow and steady restoration process was started, led by the Marks family.

Technical Data

  • Built in 1921 by Russell Snow Plow Co. for the Boston & Maine railroad
  • Ex-B&M X-3215, sold to WAG 1960