Pennsylvania #747803

Open-top hopper cars are used to transport loose bulk commodities such as coal, ore, crushed stone that won’t be affected by rain or changes in weather. They are top-loaded, and bottom-discharged using gravity. Our hopper car was originally built in November 1909 built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in its H21 class. Numbering more than 14,000, many were rebuilt over the years. Our hopper was rebuilt sometime after 1960 and placed in the H21g class, extending the car’s useful life for a number of years. PRR 747803 emerged as a 12 panel, 4-bay hopper, utilizing girder construction. Many of these cars survived into Penn Central, hauling coal and other commodities.

Our long-term goal is to restore this car to its mid-century PRR paint.

Technical Data

  • Class H21g
  • Original Build Date: 1909
  • Acquired from Owens-Illinois Glass in Brockport, NY