Baltimore & Ohio #C2493

Built in the B&O's Keyser Shops, the C2493 is one of the famous B&O "wagontop" bay window cabooses. They were given this name due to the unique rounded construction where the side sheets met the roof. The car was built in 1942.

The caboose went from B&O ownership into the Chessie System when the B&O and C&O were merged. From there, it was sold to the Rochester & Southern Railroad where it was used in local service around Rochester. It was then sold to a private individual before being sold to two members of the museum who keep the caboose at the museum.

The car is seen above in new exterior paint. Work is ongoing to complete the exterior restoration and begin the interior restoration of the car.

Technical Data

  • Built in 1942 at B&O Keyser Shops
  • Ex-Rochester & Southern
  • Ex-Baltimore & Ohio